Katz Rule

April 11, 2006

Hey Cats and Kittens, and other friends of the podcat! I finally decided to start this forum as I really don’t have the time to email all of my fans individually. As you know, I’m the star of Almost Live Radio. I don’t talk much on the show, but believe me, I’m the one pulling the strings. When I’m not chasing them, that is. POL.

A big Meow-Out to Daryl at The Poddog Show for his support. While I normally shun the pupparazzi, I did allow them to post a few early pictures of me, back when I’d just gotten together with that guy. Also thanks to that batfry guy for his help. He’s funny.

Nap Time!


2 Responses to “Katz Rule”

  1. eorl Says:

    i try to find something at google.com and take it on your site…thanks

  2. […] Podcasting from Calgary Alberta Okay, I really go over the top in Ranting and Panting For the record, I fully support the cops in Calgary. I think the public, the papers and the Mayor have completly over reacted. I go way over in my rant but I do think that the Depute Chief of Police was right completly. This guy isn’t always an idiot but he is here More Stuff MWPC RFL, Turbo Blender and the CatFish Show A new Promo from AllAxisRadio Canada Dogs in the news supplied by Mostly News Story 1 Story 2 Story 3 Blogs of note Inky the Podcat Sandy the Dog Listen Now: […]

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